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Course where the cost of the textbook is zero dollars and no cost to the student (SB 1359).

PE - Physical Education/Dance/Athletics

PE 199C - Intercollegiate Cheer/Dance Team (1 Unit)

Limitation on Enrollment: Selection to enroll by permission of instructor. Student must have a physical prior to participation in class. Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 98 and ENG 103.
Designed for intercollegiate cheer and dance team members. Focuses on the skills required for a successful intercollegiate cheer and dance team. Emphasizes the fundamentals of tumbling, stunts, dance, leadership and performance skills, and techniques. Performance at school athletic events and campus functions, as well as participation in community-involved projects.

Hours: 54 (54 lab)
Transfer Information: CSU Transferable, UC Transferable (Any or all of these PE Activity courses combined: maximum credit, 4 units.)
SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area E3
Grading Options: Pass/No Pass or Standard Letter
Status I CRN Units Type Meeting Time Location Cap Act WL
Instructor Date Weeks
OPEN 44830 1.0 Lab 6.8 hours/week PE 218 20 0 0 0 Julia Hand 01/15-03/15 8
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