ENVS 115L - Environmental Geology Laboratory

Corequisite: ENVS 115 or ERTH 115.

Laboratory approach to topics covered in ENVST 115, with emphasis on rock and mineral identification, hazard assessment, geologic resource management, and land use planning. In-lab field trips.

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  • Title: ENVS 115L Environmental Geology Laboratory
  • CRN: 35930
  • Instructor: Jennifer Shellhorn (Lab)
  • Internet/Web Instructional Method
  • Section Corequisites: NONE
  • Bldg/Room: Online Class

  • Meeting Time
    T 09:25am - 12:40pm LINE Online Class 09/11/23 12/16/23
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    Term: Fall 2023
    Last day to add class: 25-SEP-2023
    Last day to drop with an enrollment refund: 12-SEP-2023
    Last day to drop without a "W": 25-SEP-2023
    Last day to drop with a "W": 31-OCT-2023
    Census Date: 26-SEP-2023
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    35929 ERTH115L Environmental Geology Lab
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