CS 107 - Computer Architecture and Organization

Prerequisite: CS 105.

The organization and behavior of real computer systems at the assembly-language level. The mapping of statements and constructs in a high-level language into sequences of machine instructions is studied, as well as the internal representation of simple data types, pointers, structures, and non-numeric data. Numerical computation is also examined.

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  • Title: CS 107 Computer Architecture and Organization
  • CRN: 44206
  • Instructor: Kira Minkova
  • Instructor: Kira Minkova (Lab)
  • Section Corequisites: NONE
  • Bldg/Room: H 240 Humanities Building

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    M 12:45pm - 02:50pm 240 Humanities Building 08/28/23 12/16/23
    M 02:55pm - 05:55pm 244 Humanities Building 08/28/23 12/16/23
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    Term: Fall 2023
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