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Course where the cost of the textbook is zero dollars and no cost to the student (SB 1359).

CRTO - Older Adults, Creative Theatre

CRTO NC009 - The Urge to Act: For Older Adults (0 Unit)

An acting class open to all levels of older adult students. Introduction to monologue and scene work. Stage presence, audition techniques, and improvisation will be covered. Through the guidance of the instructor and the shared experience with classmates in a safe environment, students discover their acting abilities.
Hours: 30 (10 lecture,20 lab)
Transfer Information: None
SBCC General Education: None
Grading Options: Noncredit
Status I CRN Units Type Meeting Time Location Cap Act WL
Instructor Date Weeks
OPEN 41566 0.0 Lec T 06:00pm - 07:05pm WAKE 16 25 12 0 0 Philip Levien 10/21-12/14 8
Lab T 07:10pm - 09:25pm WAKE 16 10/21-12/14
OPEN 41871 0.0 Lec R 05:30pm - 06:35pm SCHOTT 14 25 16 0 0 Philip Levien 10/21-12/14 8
Lab R 06:40pm - 09:20pm SCHOTT 14 10/21-12/14
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